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Experience the Hunt with Scout & Cloths New Website

Good news Scouter's,

The website has been revitalized, rejuvenated, and replenished with new threads and we are beyond excited about how it turned out! But we need views, shopping and lots of feedback to see how our shoppers are liking the site. We are here for the people and their style needs!

With the new site, we wanted it to be a vitural representation of the shop. Many of you have been so wonderful and loyal to us but live all over this gorgeous country. We want you to feel our vibes while you are on the prowl for some new wears.

To express our love for the outdoors, we split out clothing into collections called:

  • Desert

  • Beach

  • Mountains

Each collection will have a variety of clothes that we feel represent the landscape its under and will be perfect for your outdoor adventures and occasions. But make sure to check each one because each page experience offers unique pieces of clothing!

Go to www.scoutandcloth.com to give our site the scrutiny and feel free to comment on the blog to tell us what you think! You are also welcome to DM on our Instagram; scoutandcloth for feedback or if you have further questions about the site, a piece of clothing, or more!

We appreciate you all, babes!

Peace out huntress of fashion!

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